Tamil Short Stories

The abbreviate adventure architecture originated from Europe. The Tamil apple believes that the abbreviate belief in Tamil can be traced aback to the seventeenth aeon to 'Paramartha Kurunkathai' a alteration from the classical Tamil poetry. V.V.S. Iyer started a new trend in the 1880s giving the abbreviate belief its abstruse form.

Pudumaipithan started the next date of Tamil abbreviate storiesand abounding added writers came out with ablaze belief in Tamil. Pudumaipithan, Ku.Pa. Ra and P.S.Ramaiya and their aeon accept accounting abounding belief that is today accepted architecture with the Tamil arcane circles and readers as the abbreviate adventure format.


Pudumaipithan's belief agitated letters for the society. His aboveboard bidding his affair for the association and depicted the ache as able-bodied as ball in our lives. He wrote about the animal relationships, their aspirations and activity in accepted looked at closely. His 'Ponnagaram' was advised aloft the butt of readers. He dealt with a advanced arrangement of capacity in his belief while aswell experimenting with the art of adventure telling. His autograph included acrimony and wit and the belief appeared accustomed and realistic. The examples like 'Kodukkapuli Maram' and 'Naasakkaara Gumbal' accompany out the aloft qualities of his writing. He has cautiously acclimated the dialects of Madras or Tirunelveli in his belief as appropriate. His writings reflected the access of adopted writers like Maupassant, Nathaniel Hawthorne and others in the western world. He has bound over 150 abbreviate belief in Tamil.


T.Janakiraman's abbreviate belief brought the vagaries in the lives of humans affably and humans could analyze them with the characters.


Jayakanthan had accounting abounding outstanding belief some of which went on to be filmed after on. Most of his belief were appear by Ananda Vikatan. While alive in the appointment of 'Janasakthi' he developed a affection for Tamil abstract and autograph in Tamil. His belief were mostly about the humans from the humans active in the barrio or acutely poor people.


N.Pichamoorthy is a able-bodied accepted biographer of Tamil abbreviate stories. 'Mannasai' is one of his accepted abbreviate stories.


Sujatha is the pen name of S.Rangarajan who has accounting over 100 Tamil novels and 250 abbreviate belief in Tamil. His appearance of autograph becoming him a advanced readership. His science fiction is said to be a beat plan in Tamil. He could break science in his own consummate simple words that can be accepted by all. 'Aathma' is a abbreviate adventure which is a blood-tingling account of a day in a computer engineer's life. Suri had fabricated the computer the adeptness to adumbrate the approaching giving it a set of rules that can beam the all-embracing positions. To analysis its ability he gives his bearing data and the computer instantly gives the achievement on the screen. That turns out to be his afterlife sentence, in a way. He was traveling to die that aforementioned night absolutely at 23:11:59. So advantageous and abounding of life, he could not accept it and does accidental checks in hurry. The adventure ends with the accession of the assured moment. Sujatha's belief were appear in accepted Tamil magazines like Kumudam, Ananda Vikatan and Kalki.