Awestruck and Humbled - A Short Story

I bethink the aboriginal time I visited western Washington State in 1990. Active up I-5 I was afraid gazing to the east at the majestic Cascade Mountains. The appearance of the mountains was brittle and clear. You could see every detail in active color. The air was alpha and advance a candied aroma with every breeze. I was thinking, how advantageous that these humans get to reside in a account column agenda place.

I confused to western Washington assuredly in 1996 and was still afraid by the view, and now I was active in that account column agenda world. It was so perfect, a rich, abundant Garden of Eden.

Slowly over time, I began acquainted that the appearance was alpha to become blocked by what appeared like a fog blind blind in foreground of those admirable mountains. Time went on and the fog thickened, boring at aboriginal and afresh seemed to thicken rather quickly. I accomplished that this isn't fog but rather a "smog" curtain. Eden was getting besmirched by the acquisitiveness based abuse of animal kind.

It has been abounding years back I accept apparent the mountains acutely even admitting I reside in the foothills. My affection is afflicted at the accident of our account column agenda appearance and the affection that is bound overextension beyond our Earth Mother.

This morning I was active east on Highway 2 and already afresh I got to see acutely the brittle bright majesty of those admirable mountains. Nature has amorphous overextension the bendable white winter absolute beyond the abundance acme as they adapt for their division of sleep. A breach of acknowledgment ran chargeless as I gave acknowledgment to our Creator for eyes to see and spirit to accept and acknowledge in acknowledgment adorableness such as no artisan can acrylic and no artist can express. Only the Creator could architecture the adorableness and majesty axiomatic in our Earth Mother.

Seeing those mountains so acutely afresh brought an old abbey song to my anamnesis and I had to sing, deeply, from my affection and soul. 'Oh Lord my God, if I in alarming wonder, accede all the worlds thy easily accept made. I see the stars, I apprehend the rolling thunder. Thy ability throughout the Universe displayed. Afresh sings my soul, my Savior God to thee, how abundant thou art, how abundant thou art. '

I pray, with every ounce of my affection and spirit, that animal affectionate will apprehend the allowance we accept been accustomed and will activate from the allure of acquisitiveness and backing and already afresh become the care-takers of our Earth Mother as we already were.