Once Upon a Time in Africa - Stories of Wisdom and Joy (2004) By Joseph G Healey - A Review

This is a different and arresting book that appreciably captures the aspect of African association in acknowledgment to and in cooperation with Christianity, added religions, and adopted society. But this is not an bookish book burdened with circuitous and arid theories. Rather, the book contains abutting to 100 abbreviate acceptance that back adventures of east Africans with christian missionaries from the west. Anniversary chance is different and can back an African parable, an abridged African story, an appointment with a accumulation of Africans, missionary plan in African schools, African acknowledgment to afterlife and dying, the admeasurement to which Africans attempt with anniversary added about to added apple societies, the accent of Africans administration and active together, how Africans apperceive Christianity and adopted behavior, etc. Abounding of the acceptance are humorous, but the amount bulletin does not become lost. A Maasai moran wonders how abundant Jesus was. Relating to the Maasai aspect of acquainted abundance and manhood, the moran questions whether Jesus anytime asleep a bobcat and how abounding wives he had.

In a active competition, a nun wonders why the schoolgirls accumulate bridge the finishing band together. They acquaint her that they do not wish to leave anyone behind, they wish to accomplishment together. Abounding of these acceptance back African association as awful cooperative, not heavily abode on a being outpointing and crushing the added and demography the spotlight. Africans commonly do not wish to be afar from anniversary other, and will plan harder to break calm even if threatened by differences in religious belief. They are far beneath acquisitive than abounding added societies of the world, they can accomplish joy and beatitude in the face of abjection and misfortune; they are about not absorbed with that western spirit of materialism, monopoly, and selfishness.

Africans accept in re-incarnation, assertive that the spirit of a acceptable being consistently allotment to apple through a newborn, asleep ancestors are guardian angels. African societies are apparent to accept their accounts of creation. African proverbs are abundant and acquaint a lot about Africans. In the book, Africans are portrayed in their homes, the gardens, in church, in prayer, in hunting, at work, etc. This is absolutely a book about African joy and acumen concisely illustrated with abbreviate cogent stories, tales, proverbs, encounters and happenings.

Father Joseph Healey, who is originally from the United States and has operated in east Africa for several decades, managed to abridge a gem of a book that one never gets annoyed of reading. Healey's all-encompassing applied familiarlization with abounding African languages and means of activity fabricated him the ideal applicant to abridge this abating and cold volume. Added than any added text, the book illustrates joy and acumen in the circadian basal lives of Africans and their acknowledgment to a new apple that gets abate and abate and becomes added connected. The capacity aswell allegorize how humans from added locations of the apple about acknowledge to and apperceive African life. The acceptance in this book are short, but their letters are actual powerful. Lessons on Africa are conveyed through aspects of adventure, ministering, religion, folklore, prayer, stories, African culture, poetry, spirituality, and tales.